Thursday, June 29, 2006

Deny It for a Billion Dollars, Sure ...

I have some questions about the people who pretend climate crisis is not the growing disasater it is, and if it will be too late to change directions when they realize how badly they are being duped.

First, a statement of rational if reprehensible behavior: If you are the president of Exxon, and you're getting paid a billion dollars to deny that what you do when you go to work every day is damaging the future of every living thing on the planet, you're just protecting your very very very large paycheck. While that's not honorable, decent or nice, it does fit into some kind of framework of putting your bank account first, and the hell with everyone else.

But what is driving the angry, ranting, barely coherent people -- see the comments on Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," for plenty of examples -- who are not getting paid a billlion dollars to deny what is happening to the planet before our very eyes? If they’re not getting paid to deny the poor prognosis of polar bears, coastal cities, and the planet, what is driving them to do it?

And which will happen first -- that the people who are not being paid to deny that glaciers are melting and the ocean is rising will see that they have been badly duped, or that when there finally is a consensus to change directions ... it will already be too late?


At 6:59 AM, Blogger MGal said...

My vote would be for to late...we've been discussing this topic since I was in middle school, so about 10-15 years, and nothing ever gets done really.


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