Saturday, June 24, 2006

Political Science

Today's thesis is that Iraq and Vietnam are similar in many ways, and not so much in other ways. Discuss:

Similarities: The propaganda point that "fighting them over there means that we won't have to fight them here" corresponds very closely to the "domino theory" of why we had to stop Communism in Vietnam before it spread somehow across the ocean.

While it is true that there are now a great many more Vietnamese restaurants in the US outside of major cities than there used to be, I think the owners and their families are generally not attempting to spread Communism here.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, we are making enemies faster than we can kill them, as the bumper sticker says, which actually increases the possibility that we will have to fight them here the longer we stay there.

Differences: People who want the Iraq misadventure to end don't hold it against the troops, as people mistakenly did in Vietnam; that's a good thing. Support the troops, bring them home, is the new formulation.

Conclusion: Here's what the people who want to keep sending soldiers into this failed effort in Iraq just don't get:

  1. Keep sending soldiers, and more soldiers will die
  2. Stop sending soldiers, and no more soldiers will die



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