Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back in the Day ...

I was updating my resume when I fell into remembering the pioneering digital skunkworks in TriBeCa where I walked through the door to the Internet, before the information highway was a going concern, back in the day.

The office was across the street from a bookstore/cafe that sold dark coffee all day, fresh bagels in the morning, and turkey-apple-brie sandwiches on chewy sourdough bread for lunch.

Back then, nobody knew from content strategists and content providers, and the place was filled with writers and editors. I was one. There was a great mix of geeks and creatives, plus the inevitable visionaries.

10 years later, I still remember walking past the landmarked lobby's murals of the ever improving future, when everything seemed as new to me then as it must have to the artists who worked on the optimistic declaration facing the elevator doors: ''Telephone wires and radio unite to make neighbors of nations."

And when you get to where you're going, well, there you are.

Photo Credit: Google Satellite, TriBeCa


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