Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Give Peace a Chance

There was a time when I thought that the subtleties of diplomacy could only be disentangled by the hushed yet authoritative voices discussing the Paris Peace Accords on the radio.

But that was a long time ago.

Now, it seems both simpler and more complex.

War does not bring peace. War brings war.

Peace brings peace.

And while I believe, as the Israelis say, that there is no negotiating with people who want to drive you into the sea, I also think Israel could have better responded to the latest Hezbollah attacks by reaching out to the world instead of immediately going with the boom, boom, boom.

What if Israel IM'ed the world and said this: Look. Those people fired rockets at us. Again. It's the latest step in a longrunning, bitter fight. There are wrongs and grievances on all sides. We know that. We just want the killing to end. We want peace. What do you think we should do? What would you do? Will you help? Now?

What could it hurt?

Best case scenario: The world responds with loud, strong support for the violence to end on all sides, and peace brings peace.

Worst case: There's always the boom, boom, boom.

I also have a two-part reconstruction program for the Middle East that is part secret weapon, part psyops, and part economics.

The secret weapon/psyops part is really pretty easy. Just carpet the area with high end wireless laptops loaded with unlimited free access and PayPal accounts stocked with, oh, $500 USD cash. Presto! Now the unemployed young men who turn out by the thousands to protest their many real grievances and blame, well, the Jews, will turn their attention to what really matters: downloading porn, making MySpace pages, shopping online, and finding out what's up with Britney and K-Fed.

The economics part is a continuation of the secret weapon/psyops program: Do everything possible to help those unemployed young men spend their time making money and shopping instead. The women too, for that matter. Get them out of the house. While it's true that you never see the women at the protests, they should have better lives too.

The sooner they all can emulate the frivolous West, the sooner peace will come.


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