Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"We suddenly saw an American president ... just descend into failure"

"I think Katrina -- the response to Katrina was effectively the end to the President's presidency in the sense that people all of a sudden saw the small man behind the curtain.

People in America and throughout the rest of the world for a long time have believed that Americans can fix anything, that we're better organized and better managed -- managed better than anybody, and that if something really awful happens, call on the Americans.

And for the first time in our lifetime and in the world's lifetime, since World War II -- since before World War II -- we suddenly saw an American president ... just descend into failure.

And I don't think he's ever recovered from that."

-- Howard Dean, CNN interview, 8.23.06

Oooooooooooh, Oh, Oooooooooooh, Jokerman

Nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas, padlocks

Molotov cocktails and rocks behind every curtain.

False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin.

Only a matter of time 'til night comes steppin' in.

-- Bob Dylan, Jokerman, 11.01.83

A Very Old Joke

According to the Jewish calendar, the year is 5788.

According to the Chinese calendar, the year is 4703.

That means for 1,085 years, the Jews went without Chinese food.

Full story here

Photo Credit: This Is Broken

Sunday, August 06, 2006

When Pigs Fly...

Question: Does you believe that President Bush:

(a) Quit drinking
(b) Is not drinking
(c) Quit drinking and started again, plus the other stuff

Why I ask: My brain started itching yesterday when some otherwise rational and disbelieving friends kept referring to Bush as someone acting like a textbook "dry drunk."

When I asked, "Who says he's dry?" my companions looked a bit surprised, as in: "Doh! Those bastards lie about everything else all the time; why not that, too?"

I'm just saying.

When pigs fly: "A flying pig is a symbol of an impossible event coming to pass. The popular saying "[it will happen] when pigs fly" (or "when pigs have wings") is traditionally used to mean that the specified event will never occur." -- Wikipedia

Friday, August 04, 2006

There May Yet be Hope for the World ...

... as of right this minute, The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (paperback) is bestselling book #495 on Amazon.

So many have been touched by His Noodly Appendage.

But there are still doubters.

"The onus is on the people who want to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster to find evidence that [He] is there." -- Richard Dawkins

Journalism Should Do This All Day, Every Day

All around the world, the oceans are sick, and the LA Times has a five-part series that goes far beyond the typical Pulitzer bid to make the case that things can't go on as they are.

It's a shame that the photos, videos and graphics are behind the registration wall, but signing up is free.

If newspapers did packages like this every single day ... I know, I know; and if I had wings, I could fly.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Reverse Domino Theory

This is the "reverse domino theory" in action:

Rumsfeld Warns Against Early Iraq Pull-Out
Thu Aug 3, 2006 3:59 PM BST
By Kristin Roberts and Vicki Allen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned on Thursday against pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq prematurely, saying it would be seen as a victory by extremists who want to control a region extending beyond the Middle East.

"If we left Iraq prematurely as the terrorists demand, the enemy would tell us to leave Afghanistan and then withdraw from the Middle East," he told the Senate Armed Services Committee at a hearing.

"And if we left the Middle East, they'd order us and all those who don't share their militant ideology to leave what they call the occupied Muslim lands from Spain to the Philippines," he said.


So, what would winning look like?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do You Feel Safer Now?

It's almost five years since 9/11.

Do you feel safer now?

Photo Credit: One of those things I found on the Web; if someone knows who made this, please tell me so I can give this brilliant piece of work its rightful attribution.

By Accident or on Purpose?

When human beings make mistakes that reveal a profound lack of foresight -- at work and at home -- the fix is what comes next.

While a deeply dumb mistake can happen by accident, choosing a crappy, fast fix over a solid solution is a conscious decision.

So, the question: Was that by accident or on purpose?

Accidents are forgivable.

On purpose, not so much.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"The War to Create More Terrorists"

George Bush has apparently done what nobody else could do: he has created Arab unity.

Analysis: Bush Mideast Stance May Flop

Associated Press Writer
Mon Jul 31, 6:07 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration may have badly miscalculated in insisting that any Mideast cease-fire be tied to long-term objectives.

As the toll on Lebanese civilians has soared, even moderate Arab governments have turned into U.S. critics, and Hezbollah's support has climbed across the region.