Sunday, August 06, 2006

When Pigs Fly...

Question: Does you believe that President Bush:

(a) Quit drinking
(b) Is not drinking
(c) Quit drinking and started again, plus the other stuff

Why I ask: My brain started itching yesterday when some otherwise rational and disbelieving friends kept referring to Bush as someone acting like a textbook "dry drunk."

When I asked, "Who says he's dry?" my companions looked a bit surprised, as in: "Doh! Those bastards lie about everything else all the time; why not that, too?"

I'm just saying.

When pigs fly: "A flying pig is a symbol of an impossible event coming to pass. The popular saying "[it will happen] when pigs fly" (or "when pigs have wings") is traditionally used to mean that the specified event will never occur." -- Wikipedia


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