Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two Posts in One

1. On Convergence

Me, to Little One: "Can you tell Mommy what a computer is?"

Little One: "A computer is what we watch things on."

2. On Princesses and the Relentless Use of Male Pronouns

Although I was initially appalled by and resistant to the Princess Industrial Complex, I now think it's something of a good thing, in that the Princess world is one place -- and, to my knowledge, the only place -- where Lttle Girls totally Rule.

Why does that matter?

Well, because Lttle Girls don't rule in most other places; in fact they barely exist.

We were reading a pile of Winnie the Pooh books after a long hard day of playing Princess, when it dawned on me that while the books are sweet and harmless on the outside, they are filled with the relentless and unending use of male pronouns on the inside.

Every last character, from the bear and the kangaroo to the donkey and the owl -- plus, in this sequel, the frog -- was male, male, male, male, male.

He said this.

He did that.

He, this.

He, that.

So I decided that Princesses are at least an alternative to that.

At least until Her Majesty threw a fit because I opened her cheesestick at variance with her instructions.


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